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Experiencing God’s Love

Have you been feeling that there’s more to life than all that you’ve experienced thus far?  Have you been searching for some intangible something-or-other out of life that you may have no words to describe?  Something purposeful?  Something fulfilling?  Something in answer to a vague subtle urging coming from deeply within? 

Maybe religion came close for you, and you’ve been searching for a way to add to that experience.  Perhaps you’ve touched upon this experience in nature but found it to be as fragile and elusive as a sunset. Or perhaps the usual approaches to spirituality have left you wanting, confused, or even wounded.  And so you moved on, never quite satisfied with what you found, but never willing to give up the search either.

We came to realize that ours is a world where people take pride in the ferocity  of their judgments—a world that consequently can prove unsafe for the spiritual seeker—a world seemingly already arrived at all the answers in life such that no one cares to ask the probing questions any longer.  So we began this group hoping to provide a safe haven where we might seek after this strange and seemingly elusive sense for feeling at ease within ourselves.  A place where we can practice quieting the incessant droning of our minds so that a deeper reality might surface into our awareness, a reality not of our own making but rather a benevolent compassionate sense of being that we can find deeply within ourselves.

If you are the kind of person with far more questions than answers who is looking for a means through which to uplift and enhance the moments of your waking day, then perhaps this group is worth checking out.  We are your hosts, Lynne and Miles, and we welcome you for what we hope will be a place of true discovery within you.

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